Dr. Dundiff (Done Different) is known as one of Kentucky's top Hip Hop producers. With dozens of beat tapes and EPs to his name, Dr. Dundiff has made official releases with labels such as Jakarta Records, Cold Busted, Grand Garden Records, and more.

Dr. Dundiff's style can't be summarized into just a few words. Between any two songs his style of production varies greatly. Dr. Dundiff has been known to create tracks by sampling everything from vinyl records, YouTube videos, Vine videos to local news reports and sounds from everyday life. He just as seamlessly creates songs in which he plays and layers all live instruments himself. While staying in the realm of Hip Hop any one of his tracks can be soulful, jazz, down tempo, indie or any type of genre he feels.

While known as a producer and beat head, Dr. Dundiff also fulfills his passion for live music. At any given Dr. Dundiff concert you can expect to see a nine-piece band fitted with a horn section and Dr. Dundiff himself behind the drums. The band backs up artists that Dr. Dundiff collaborates with, such as Otis Junior, K. Raydio, Claire Reneé, James Lindsey, Touch A.C. and many others to create high energy performances.   

Dundiff has several projects set to release all through 2019, with tours being scheduled.